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Why You Shouldn’t Skip a Dental Exam


Most of us are aware that dental exams and teeth cleanings every six months are an essential part of good oral health. However, not everyone keeps up with them. A recent survey from the American Dental Association revealed that while 77 percent of adults surveyed said they planned to visit the dentist within the next year, only 37 percent of those surveyed actually visited the dentist within the previous year. At Ramona Family Dentistry, Dr. Sean Feely understands that it may be tempting to cancel or postpone routine dental exams and cleanings for various reasons. However, he strongly encourages our patients to keep up with dental appointments. Here are a few reasons why.

Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings Help Prevent Serious Dental Issues

Routine dental exams can detect dental problems, many of which do not exhibit visible symptoms or pain in their early stages. Dentists and hygienists are trained to check the teeth, gums and soft tissues of the mouth for any abnormalities or signs of disease. During your exam, X-rays will be taken and other equipment may be used to get an in-depth look at the structures of your mouth, which are otherwise not visible to the naked eye.

Skipping a routine dental exam increases the likelihood of dental issues going undetected. If left untreated, these problems can reach their advanced stages, which are harder to treat and can have serious effects on your oral health.

Regular Dental Exams Can Help You Avoid Costly and Invasive Treatment

Not only do regular dental exams help prevent serious dental issues, they can also help you avoid costly dental treatments in the future. Simply put, the cost of a routine dental exam and cleaning is much more affordable than the cost of a dental implant, root canal or other similar treatments. In addition, a dental exam and cleaning only requires an hour or so of your time. Procedures like dental implant surgery and root canal therapy often require at least two appointments, and are more invasive and uncomfortable than a simple exam and cleaning.

Oral Health Is Linked to Overall Health

Studies show that certain oral health problems, such as gum disease, are linked to serious health conditions like heart disease and stroke. By having a routine dental exam and cleaning, not only are you keeping dental issues at bay, you are also minimizing your risk of serious health issues. Just remember, a healthier mouth means a healthier body!

To schedule a routine dental exam and cleaning for you and your family, please contact Ramona Family Dentistry. Call (760) 789-0170 or email our office today.

Dr. Sean Feely
Dr. Sean Feely
Dr. Sean Feely has owned and been working at Ramona Family Dentistry since June 2007. Dr. Feely graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in Stockton, CA in 1999, then received his DDS degree from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA in 2002
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