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Resilient Dental Stains Can Be Removed With Teeth Whitening


Resilient Dental Stains Can Be Removed With Teeth Whitening

There are many forms of cosmetic dentistry today and teeth whitening is the one people use the most. No other procedure can turn your smile from average to dazzling with so little effort, time and money. When you visit your cosmetic dentist, you can have your teeth lightened up to 8 shades. You will be able to enjoy the effects of zoom teeth whitening for 2 weeks but you will have to take care of your oral hygiene as well.

One important thing you need to do is to find out what can yellow your teeth. You may be required to change your lifestyle habits, as tea, coffee, red wine and cola can stain your dental enamel. When it come to foods, tomatoes and berries can stain your teeth if you consume them often. And what you should avoid the most is tobacco as it will quickly yellow your teeth and endanger your gums. In case you are not able to change your lifestyle completely, you can at least make small changes. Use a straw while drinking cola or tea and brush your teeth immediately after you consumed some of the drinks and foods that can stain your teeth.

It is important to remember one crucial thing, if you are thinking about teeth whitening. Make sure you have your teeth whitened BEFORE you do any cosmetic dental work. If any restoration needs to be done, it has to be after teeth whitening since the porcelain won’t be affected by teeth whitening at all.

While brushing and flossing are keeping your gums and teeth healthy, they also keep your teeth bright. It is recommended that you visit your dentist every 6 months and have your teeth examined and cleaned. This is how you maintain your oral hygiene, remove stains and keep your teeth polished.

In case you would like to use a teeth whitening kit, it is strongly suggested to consult with your dentist first. You should take care not to over-whiten your teeth as this may damage them. Follow the recommendations from your dentist and make sure you follow the guidelines from the teeth whitening kit as well.

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Dr. Sean Feely
Dr. Sean Feely
Dr. Sean Feely has owned and been working at Ramona Family Dentistry since June 2007. Dr. Feely graduated from the University of the Pacific with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in Stockton, CA in 1999, then received his DDS degree from University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, CA in 2002
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