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Many people approach a dentist because they are self-conscious about their crooked teeth; plus they also do not want to go through the embarrassment of wearing obvious braces. The Invisalign system utilizes clear covers that you wear over your teeth– to help slowly move them into a straight alignment.

Each Invisalign system is custom made for the patient to address their needs. Many people these days are opting for Invisalign treatment plans because they are more comfortable than traditional braces.

The Process

When you are ready to start Invisalign treatment you will visit a dentist that will create a 3D model of your teeth which will then be used to develop the treatment plan. They may go over how your teeth will move over time, to complete the treatment plan.

After these models are reviewed, you will receive a set of custom made liners that you will wear on your teeth. You should only take these out while eating or brushing your teeth. As your teeth start to shift, you will start receiving new liners every 2 weeks. You will also check in with your dentist to review your progress around this time.

Benefits of Invisalign

Straightening your smile can improve your appearance and boost your confidence, but it can also lead to greater function and better oral health.  However, many patients suffering from misalignment issues, including teens and adults, are hesitant to straighten their teeth using traditional orthodontic braces because of the pain and embarrassment often associated with these appliances.

Invisalign is an attractive alternative for several reasons.  Unlike braces, which are affixed to teeth and can only be removed by professionals, Invisalign trays are removable, so patients can take them off to conveniently eat and perform oral hygiene.  Your custom trays are designed specifically for your mouth, so they won’t cause any discomfort or scrape the soft tissues of your mouth.

In addition, Invisalign trays are clear, so no one will even know you’re wearing them.  This gives you the confidence to continue smiling while you straighten teeth.  Finally, Invisalign could give you the straight smile you’ve been dreaming of in as little as about six months, whereas traditional braces could require up to two years of wear.

Top Things to Remember

A local dentist will need to determine if you’re the right candidate for Invisalign before the treatment begins.

  • A smile assessment will be performed to determine what issues need resolving– including open bite, underbite, crossbite and others.
  • You should note any additional work you have had done to your teeth and the kind of treatment you are looking for.

If you have performed a smile assessment on the Invisalign website before visiting the dentist office you’ll need to provide a copy of your results for the doctor to review.

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Our office is equipped with the latest technology so we can provide you with essential updates to your Invisalign treatment.

  • If you are looking for a dentist near me that offers Invisalign, our office has the complete line of products that can address a wide line of dental issues.
  • Ramona Family Dentistry has been working with Invisalign products for many years. We have all the expertise necessary to work with Invisalign.

Those that aren’t sure if Invisalign will be a good fit for them can meet with a member of our staff to talk about their options. We can provide you with insights about the kind of dental work you need so you can make the best possible choice to correct your dental problems.

If you are interested in learning more about Invisalign treatments or you would like help with a treatment plan in process, you can call us at 888-888-8888. We’re here to help!

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